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I am starting a new feature where I interview artists and crafters about their creative process. I figured this blog shouldn't be only about me and my work, but about the larger creative community as well. My first interview is with the lovely and talented Becky of this chickadee. Enjoy!

moshi moshi messenger bag

1. What do you create?
as much as i can! mostly i knit, sew or crochet items but there are all sorts of ways to create and be creative. playing music, making food, writing...all of these things count too.

2. How and when did you get started?
a tricky question, because i have always dabbled...but if i have to trace back, i think the genesis of my current creative compulsions was a christmas way back in 1998. that year my mom gave me knitting needles, some yarn and a how-to book. it changed my life. seriously.

knitted infant sets

3. Who or what inspires, influences and motivates you? i have so many answers for this question. my mom and grandmother are huge inspirations. they sew, knit, crochet, cook amazing meals and live life with joy. my gramma is 91 and she is still making beautiful handcrafts. they also give me quite a bit of motivation. when i think that i can't do something i remind myself of everything that my they have accomplished with determination and strength. also, i have some incredibly talented friends who are whose creativity is electric and exciting. and then there is music! and art! and nature! and really crappy, terribly made, mass-market goods! those are excellent motivators. they make me want to go home and make things immediately.

4. Do you make your living as an artist/crafter? i'm trying. that's the goal.

5. Did you formally study, and if so where? haha. nope.

fall mini pouch for large tote

6. When and why did you start your own business, and how did you choose the name? i've been working informally for a little while now. but this past year i decided to buckle down and get somewhat professional. so i started a blog and chose a name, this chickadee. i gleaned that from my mom and gramma (again). it is something that they've always said, a way they referred to themselves. as in: 'this chickadee is going to bed' or 'this chickadee is going for a walk.'

7. What are you most proud of? i'm proud whenever i complete a project. especially if it is something that i then get to wear or use, or i can see other people wearing/using. one of the best feelings was making a dress for the first time and wearing it out.

embroidered onesie

8. What is a challenge you face in your work?

the business aspect is a challenge for me. i'd rather not bother with the facts and figures, but i suppose you do have to pay to play. if i want to make a living this way i do have to remember to honor the 'work' as well as the play.

9. What are you working on right now?

these interview questions. after this i'm going to start on a tote bag that someone has commissioned. i love making things with people in mind. it gives the project energy and life.

10. What goals do you have for the coming year?

to tackle some of these looming business issues. to have fun. to learn more. to keep the joy in what i do. to get around to actually making some of the projects that i imagine.

11. What is a little known fact about you?

i have a nice collection of smurphs and i like to play the recorder. in fact, some day i hope to have an album of beatles covers, recorder duet style.

Thanks Becky! Check out her blog, this chickadee, for more info on her work and to purchase or commission her lovely designs.

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this chickadee said...

dear dandelion blu,

you are the sweetest. thank you for profiling me and being so supportive! you and your blog are great inspiration to me and to many others. here's to a great 2008 for all of us who make small things and aspire to make a big difference.


this chickadee