I just realized it! Tagged by The Broken Plate!!!! I have to "reveal" 5 things about myself, but since I tend to live my life as a pretty much open book, most of you probably know these things about me already... hmmm where to begin-

1) I am a recovering wedding photographer. If there was a Wedding Photographer's Anonymous, I'd be a charter member. I'm so scarred by women in white dresses screaming "photographer girl, take my picture," that I can barely attend weddings as a guest.

2) My middle name is JoAnne, but spelled 3 different ways on 3 very important documents (birth certificate, S.S. card, & license), so I'm not sure how to spell it. JoAnne, Jo Anne, Joann.
Also, I went by Jo-jo till I was in kindergarten and a boy made fun of me for having a "boys" name and I punched him.

3) I love ketchup, I like to put it on all sorts of things, especially macaroni- I know, gross right? I only eat french fries if there is ketchup available, as I view them just as a vehicle for the ketchup.

4) I wish I had gone to veterinary school instead of art school.

5) I want to live on a farm some day, with a pig, goats, chickens and a emu. I want to grow pumpkins, corn, and wild flowers and have a "pick your own stand." Or raise Alpacas- I can't decide!

So I tag this chickadee! Sorry, don't know 5 bloggers that haven't been tagged yet!!

Here are the rules!
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