I went to the Crafty Bastards vendor party and info session last night and got to meet several great artists, as well as the organizers of the fair. I am a little nervous of the estimated 20,000 attendants- but I'm in, and for what it's worth, that apparently was the hard part. I thought I had enough work for the show, but clearly after speaking with a few other vendors, I am wayyyyy behind in that department. We toured the area, and had a question and answer period. It sounds like it's going to be an awesome day! I am particuarly excited to be near sponsors The Dog Spot, and the Cake Love booth. I was delighted to meet Blugrn, Scenic Artisian, GoshDarnKnit and Rebound Designs. All artists I've admired! There is going to be music, burlesque, food, puppets, break dancing, and of course the blood, sweat, and tears of 100 indie designers. So If my blog is a little neglected for the next two weeks, now you know why....
Hope to see you there!


Block Party Press said...

I hope to to go as a shopper. Maybe I'll see you there!

Scenic Artisan said...

you'll kick ass!

see ya sunday.