Yes- that is my brand spanking new digital camera in the bathroom sink, underwater. And yes that is me taking a picture of myself with said underwater camera, taking that picture of the camera in the sink! Make sense??? Anyhoo, I broke down and bought a "point and shoot" digital camera. I am headed off to Europe in a couple of weeks and really didn't want to be lugging around my heavy Nikon D200 and lenses. Nothing screams tourist more then having to stop every 10 mins pull that big boy out, change a lense, what have you. Plus I am super paranoid of dirt, dropping it, water, thievery.... So I broke down. And bought an Olympus.....
(gasp) I am a Nikon girl all the way, I have exactly 5 perfectly good Nikon's in my possession. True, some are film cameras leftover from (shudder) my prehistoric wedding photographer days, but as you can tell, I am dedicated. So why the Olympus? Well for starters it's waterproof, (hence the bathroom sink) drop proof, and freeze proof. Plus it's 7.2 mp, tiny and slim, and relatively cheap (when compared to the D200 that is)! I did some research and settled on the Olympus Stylus 770 after reading about a woman who's kid tried to flush it down the toilet, and then her dog got a hold of it all in the same day. I was sold- I have a bad habit of unintentionally throwing things on the ground, Consequentially I carried very high insurance for my equipment when I was working, but that's another story... I wanted something I could throw in a bag, stuff in a pocket, take to the beach, on a boat, in the rain, whatever and not worry about it. I won't be giving up my D200 any time soon, but this little thing is awesome! I am actually going to be unloading some of my other cameras soon though, anybody interested in a practically brand new Nikon D70s???? I've got one for relatively cheap....!

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