what's in the bag?

It's no secret that women luuuvvvv bags. And I, being a woman, and having the need to cart my entire life around with me, am no exception.
I even went through a strange phase where I bought purses compulsively during, ahem, a certain time of the month. My friend and artist Cara Ober was so intrigued by this quirk, that she made some paintings and talked about my "affliction" during our end of the semester critiques in grad school- thanks Cara. I did get a pretty cool painting out of her for my wedding though.... I have since moved on from small girlish purses to large "everything including the kitchen sink" totes and messenger bags. I just recently purchased this ginko messenger bag from Queen Bee Creations. It's heavy duty, spacious, has just the right amount of pockets (too many and you can't find your stuff, too few and well, you still can't find your stuff!) and has great stitched details. I wonder if it's big enough for new mom's? I am also eyeing their wallets...
I also just got this jelly fish bag from The Outfit by artist Josh Cochran. It's silkscreened on the outside and has contrasting patterned fabric on the inside. I got mine at Double Dutch boutique in Baltimore, but also found it at this online boutique, Mod Cloth, as well. Apparently the bags were in limited edition, so they maybe hard to find! pssst- I heard that certain Urban Outfitters were carrying them as well. While perusing The Squidfire Art Mart last month, I discovered De Nada Designs, and snatched up this great purple vinyl bag with stitched skulls and awesome beaded handles. Just today I stumbled on this cute tote by MaryInk on etsy- perfect for the beach!

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