Formed bracelets
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So I am finally taking a proper forming class. And it's intensive. It's taught by a silversmith who has been perfecting his craft for 45+ years now. He is a stickler for finishing, which is good for me, because you really can't half ass finishing on fine jewelry. Here are my first two pieces. Both are cuff bracelets. We are studying synclastic and anticlastic curves and forms. Me being a highly competitive, slightly brown nosing, anal retentive, type A kinda gal, am determined to try all the techniques demonstrated- I'll be in the studio hammering away for weeks. I love hammers and metal, and had no idea the precision and technique involved. I am happy with my results so far- they kinda remind of Wonder Woman's magic bracelets!


Block Party Press said...

Beautiful! I can't imagine the work that went into those.

tigergirl said...

These look great!

msbelle said...

Oooh, so pretty. Great work. I'd love to take a class someday. Keep us informed of your progress!