And the winner is......

Mamac-ta! And I swear it was not rigged! There were 7 comments left, I put 7 numbers in a hat and drew number 4- Mamac-ta! So, Mamac-ta email me with your address and you'll get the Sea Breezes in the mail!
I plan on doing more give aways, on a random basis, so you'll HAVE to keep checking back!
Have a great weekend!

Addendum!!- Kelli Belly- I'm sorry! I think you were commenting right when I was picking the winner. I apologize your number didn't get in the "drawing!" I'll be doing more in the future so I hope to hear from you again!

1 comment:

Mama C-ta said...

OMG really? Jeez, I feel like you already do enough for me! But yipee!! I seriously never win anything, there can be just one other person entered and I'll still lose.