What We're Working On! Collaboration Sneak Peak!!

I am so excited to finally unveil the secret project that TheBroken Plate and I have been working on for the past few months. I have always loved Juliet's eye for pattern, and knack for finding the perfect vintage plates, and when the idea to marry her recycled china with my design came up, we both hustled to make it happen.

Three of these necklaces will be available at our shared booth (#113) at Crafty Bastards this weekend. If we don't sell out, they will be available in both of our Etsy shops.

Since we are both passionate about our Boxers, we will be donating $20 from each sale of these pieces to Adot a Boxer Rescue, an all-volunteer charitable organization formed to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned boxer dogs within the northeast United States.


Big Style for Little People!

Locally owned and operated website UrbanBabyRunway.com is expanding and bringing it's sense of style from the vast interwebs to the streets of Baltimore. Opening in Hampden Sept. 17th, Urban Baby is the brick and mortar children's store owned by Baltimore mama Cara Shrock. The website has been operating since 2006 shortly after Cara's son turned 1. She decided to open the webstore first as a way of starting a business and continue to stay at home with her child.
"I wasn't willing to sacrifice some of the parenting choices I would have had to in order to run a store." Since her son started school full time this fall she has had more time to dedicate to running and expanding the business.
"I figured it was now or never. Plus, I have really been itching to get out of the house. Working from home for the last 4 years and mothering in the spare time around that, I was starting to feel a bit isolated. My mind needed more stimulation and new challenges. And so far this has been quite a challenge!"

The lines and designers Urban Baby carries are all carefully chosen by Cara, many are local or were started by other stay at home mom's. The collections are definitely on the edgier side of fashion for kids and appeal to urban hip parents.
"I've tried to focus on small lines that aren't oversaturing the online market. I've gotten to know most of the companies I work with pretty well. Almost all of them are moms just like me so I like knowing my money (and my customers' money) is going to support another family."
Knuckleheads, one of Cara's favorite brands for boys, features fedora's for infants, skateboard inspired onesies, and button down shirts with a Rockabilly flavor.
"They are a bit bigger than most of the brands I carry but the quality is good, always stylish season after season and it's a reputable brand customers know. Having a strong, well known brand balances out the smaller lines. A brand like Knuckleheads draws in the customers which gives me an opportunity to introduce lines they may not have heard of otherwise."

Urban Baby is located 3608 Falls Road, Baltimore MD 21211.


Every Man Needs a Good Hat!

The Sprout has decided he is a many of man hats, and while this is great coverage for his noggin, his style choices aren't always shall we say- stylin'? Enter Born To Love Clothing! Stylish infant and toddler fedoras and skate visor beanies! What I love best is that the line was started by a stay at home Mom, with help from a creative Dad, and all inspired by their son! Resulting in a hip entrepreneurial family business! My favorites are the black fedora and tan argyle visor. You can check out the entire line at Urban Baby Runway which coincidentally is a locally owned online boutique started by another stay at home Mom!


Back to the Grind! or the blog...

It's back to school time, or in my case it's the end of summer time pool parties, beach trips and park visits with The Sprout. Since he isn't starting school just yet, but I do feel the need to "go back to" something, I figured it was time to re-visit the blog after my summer hiatus. I am excited for fall shows such as Crafty Bastards on Oct. 3rd, where I will be sharing space with super "craft-star" The Broken Plate. We have a top-secret plan and collaboration in the works, that you won't want to miss. Stay tuned! Now where are those pencils I was sharpening....


Spring Shows!!!

So far the Spring show schedule is shaping up nicely! First up is Squidfire's ArtMart, now in Fells Point Square on May 8th. I will be reuniting with this chickadee who is flying North to share a booth! Next on the list is Handmade Mart on May 23rd, where I will be heading South to Silver Spring to share a booth with my partner in craft again! And then in June I'll be manning the booth solo at Pile of Craft in good old Charm City. Hope to see you at one of these fabulous shows!!


Goodbye For Now!

No, I'm not going anywhere specific, but I am going to be taking a break from blogging for a while. I realize I never summed up my experience at ACC, mainly because it has take me some time to process, and I just haven't had time to sit down and write about it. The main thing I did learn was a good lesson about time investment and what I value. I've spent the last few weeks after ACC kicking myself saying "was that worth it?" I spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and money to make new work for the show, and my sales were pretty lackluster. I made myself sick with sleep deprivation worrying about making enough "quality" work, took time away from The Sprout, and almost forced my husband to divorce me because I was in such a wound up state. Then I spent 5 full days away from my new little family, relied on my inlaws to come care for The Sprout, let my home fall into a disaster zone, while I stood around answering the same question over and over at ACC. That question being "what is AltCraft-" but that is a whole other can of worms that I just don't have the energy to open right now. But I digress. Back to what I learned. I learned that I can't do it all even though I want to, and sometimes need to. I learned that my full time job is not juggling being a mama AND an artist, but being a mama THEN an artist. SO that being said, I plan on taking a break from trying to squeeze it all in- etsy, twitter, FB and blogging, it just takes up too much of my time and attention from The Sprout. I also realized that I'm not really saying anything new or different on this blog, it all is just a repeat of what I'm posting on my fan page. So I maybe quite in here for a while. But you can find me and news snippets on the fan page and periodically on twitter (@dandelionblu). Till then thanks for giving me the space and time to rest, rejuvenate, and be a better mama!


Stems & Poppies

"Stems and Poppies" have been added to the shop, along with many other new items! Check it out here!